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Certified DreamBuilder Coach


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Transforming Your Dreams Into Reality...

As a DreamBuilder Coach, certified by the Life Mastery Institute, Rajika Mahan can help you design and manifest a life that's in harmony with your Soul's purpose.

Rajika inspires and empowers all those who are drawn to her to live their highest vision in the context of love and joy. Her passion is teaching clients to unlock their true potential, achieve outrageous success, and live a life they LOVE living!

Rajika is an inspiring speaker, passionate educator, and a highly sought after transformational coach.

• Are you struggling in your relationship?
• Are you feeling stuck in your life?
• Are you tired of going to a job you don’t love?
• Are you ready to wake up with excitement?

As a Certified Dream Builder Coach, I help women who are living on autopilot take back control of their lives so that they experience more joy, feel more fulfilled and wake up with excitement for every day! I do this using a four-step process. First, I help you get crystal-clear on your dream and guide you as you identify exactly what you want in your life. In order to attract something new into your life you must first be clear about what it is that you want. I have powerful exercises that will help you gain real clarity and paint a specific vision of your ideal life. Next, we identify easy ways that you can experience more fulfillment, connection and fun in your life as early as right NOW! This is often simpler than you think. Building on that energy, I support you in creating a plan that will allow you to step into your dream. Your dream life plan includes specific action steps in two main areas: eliminating things that are draining you and causing discontentment and creating new habits and ways of being that truly enliven you.

Finally, as your coach I keep you focused, motivated and accountable as you implement this plan. As you know, Change isn’t easy and setbacks can occur. Throughout our work together, I will help you overcome challenges that arise, allowing you to continuously move forward into your more connected, fulfilled and exciting life. As a speaker, I help audiences reconnect with their unique strengths, values and purpose using fun, entertaining and transformational principles. In addition to my coaching, I am a graduate from Landmark Worldwide, a certified reflexologist and an educator on Bemer therapy. I live in the Washington DC area with my husband and three children. I love the beach, reading and spending time with my family and friends. I start and end every day with gratitude, and I am so thankful that I stopped living on autopilot, took back control and created an amazing life!

Now combining this background with the proven DreamBuilder technology, Rajika is helping clients achieve extraordinary results in accelerated time. She is filled with joy and gratitude as she works with people to transform their lives and close the gap between the life they were living and the life they LOVE living.

Rajika offers content rich interactive workshops that take participants on a journey in which they design, define, test, and experience a crystal clear vision of the life they would love – a life that is in alignment with their highest purpose. They will have a unique opportunity to “step into” the life they are imagining and feel a resounding “yes”.